First Birthday Parties in June

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We celebrated two first birthdays in June. First, Mason celebrated his first birthday at Sariwon Korean BBQ. We wanted to match the decor to the colours of his hanbok (Korean traditional costume), so we chose cyan blue as the main colour and mint green and pale yellow as accent colours. It’s tricky mixing multiple colours in a decor because it can look too busy or messy. So we carefully chose the decor items so that the colours flow together cohesively.

The photo doesn’t show the completed set up since the cake was delivered after we arrived, but check out snapshots of Mason’s decor below…

Next up is Tristan’s first birthday party. It was held at Bulgogi Brothers in Richmond Hill. It was the first time we’ve done a party decor at there. The stage where the main table is set up was smaller than we expected. So instead of the usual two level main table set up, we opted to go with a longer one level set up instead.

For Tristan’s party, we did a traditional Korean theme. If you know anything about traditional Korean fabric and clothing, you’ll know that it’s extremely colourful and bold. So we had to mix a lot of different hues, which was a bit tricky. But it worked out really well when everything came together – the blues, greens, pinks, yellows combined nicely to create a traditional feel.

We had to set up the decor the night before so it was fairly dark and we didn’t have the cake or dduk (rice cakes) for display yet, so the table looks a bit empty in the photos. Enjoy!



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