Makena’s First Birthday Party

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Here’s another beautiful birthday decor from last year. Makena celebrated her first birthday last December at Sariwon Korean BBQ Restaurant in Toronto. We had the pleasure of decorating the special occasion.

The main theme for the decor was purple and accent colours were turquoise, pink and gold. Instead of the traditional balloon decoration, Makena’s parents wanted something more unique for their little girl. We adorned the backdrop with paper fans, tissue pom poms and paper lanterns, as well as a custom gold glittery sign of Makena’s name. Make It Sweet Bake Shop made a beautiful cake and other sweets to really complete the decor and make it extra special!

We really love the colour combinations and how the overall style turned out! A note to our readers: Try mixing up colours to make the decor more interesting! A mix of the right colours can really compliment each other and make a beautiful combination. If you want to try something new for your next event, contact us and we’re happy to brainstorm ideas with you!

Enjoy the photos below.


Decor: Nspired Events
Cake & Sweets: Make It Sweet Bake Shop


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