Cultural Ceremony


Every culture or religion celebrates weddings in a distinct, unique way. We understand that some couples want their traditional aspects to be reflected on their special day. We ensure that important cultural or religious details are carefully incorporated to the wedding.

NSPIRED EVENTS has extensive experience with Korean ‘Pae-Baek’ (폐백) ceremony and Chinese Tea ceremony. We know how important cultural or religious traditions are. If we’ve never worked with your particular custom, we are eager to learn and ensure that your day is celebrated appropriately.

Korean ‘Pae-Baek’ Ceremony

Pae-Baek is a Korean wedding custom that is traditionally a private ceremony where the bride is officially introduced to the groom’s family for the very first time. Today, Pae-Baek is enjoyed with all of the wedding guests and is a fun way for both families to be share the special tradition. NSPIRED EVENTS offers a full decoration set for the ceremony as well as traditional Pae-Baek costumes for the bride and groom. 

폐백은 한국 결혼의 아름다운 전통입니다. 신부가 시부모님과 시댁의 여러 친척에게 정식으로 인사를 드리는 절차인만큼 특별한 의미를 두고 있습니다. 이제 토론토에서도, 특히 한국적 풍습에 익숙치 않은 2세 동포 예비 신랑, 신부를 위해, N이벤트가 함께합니다. 폐백용품, 폐백 한복, 신부 신랑 한복등 전통 의례를 위한 모든 아이템을 대여해드립니다.